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(Juggling) Balls are MANLY! Right, Riou? 
10th-Aug-2008 01:08 pm
Standard state of being 1
Here is our version of Super Silly Fiesta, which we tried to make even goofier than the original. Except Yamanoi shows up in the middle and pervs it up. Eh, it's what he does.

The opening. Shingo plays a bit part as the delivery bird, and Masayan makes his true dub debut as the Big Red Chicken. We briefly experimented with casting him and Yuji as our Uncast Grandparents in Peppa, but they both get their first true roles in here.

Mappy! Shingo actually gargles before he starts being the Map. I'm dead serious - he gargles soda, and you can hear it.

My cousin Yuji needs our help to reassign animal sounds, because that's possible in Dora-land. Again, Diego is Yuji's first true dub role. Yamanoi, whose character Swiper does not appear in this segment, gets in a Wrath of God reference anyway. And once we've helped with that, my batterymate and I have to figure out how to get through the Singing Gate.

It's RIOU! Here Yamanoi sneaks up on him and prepares to steal his juggling balls. This video was cut short because 1863_project's brother walked down into the basement and we had to stop the dub.

Here Yama-chan actually steals them and throws them away. Riou's response is probably the line of the dub - he was just on yesterday, between this and his vampire sun.

We have to get past this troll dude. Apparently he thinks Mihashi is funny, too! In all honesty, though, troll humor doesn't make much sense to either Kazu-san or myself.

Oh, yes! We get to ride in the carplanecoptermobile! Arriba! Here we finally get the opportunity to catch the stars, too.

Heeeeeeere we come to save the daaaaaaaay! We finally find Masayan's cake, and Masayan realizes he's a fucking moron.

Ending credits. They're lame.
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