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Dora the Explorer: The Official Episode Guide 
4th-Sep-2008 12:50 am
This is the episode index for the Dora dubs, as we've just started with those due to the absense of Peppa Pig (Noggin decided that it was done with us, apparently). It looks like this is a much loftier project, however - the episodes here are longer, and there are, well...a lot more of them. But we'll see what we can do.

Season 1:

The Big Red Chicken      
Lost and Found
We All Scream For Ice Cream    
Choo Choo (or The Death of Takase Junta: A Play in Three Acts)
Treasure Island
Three L'il Piggies
Big River    
Berry Hunt    
Wizzle Wishes    
Grandma's House    
Sticky Tape    
Bouncing Ball    
Fish Out of Water    
Bugga, Bugga    
Little Star    
Dora Saves the Prince    
El Coqui    
The Chocolate Tree    
Te Amo    
Pablo's Flute    
To The Treehouse    
Call Me Mr. Riddles    
The Search for the City of Lost Toys          
Christmas Special

Season 2:

Dora's Backpack Adventure        
The Big Storm    
Rapido Tico    
The Magic Stick    
The Missing Piece    
Lost Squeaky    
Rojo, the Fire Truck    
Lost Map    
El Dia De Las Madres    
Golden Explorers    
A Present For Santa    
Doctor Dora    
The Pony Express    
Leon, the Circus Lion    
The Festival Of The Big Piñata    
The Happy Old Troll    
Super Map!    
A Letter for Swiper    
Yes We Can!    
El Musico    
Hide and Go Seek    
Egg Hunt    
Super Spies    
School Pet    
Whose Birthday Is It?    
Quack! Quack!

Season 3:

Dora's Starcatching Adventure      
Stuck Truck    
Roberto the Robot    
The Big Potato    
Meet Diego    
Save the Puppies    
Por Favor!    
Baby Dino    
To the South Pole    
What Happens Next?    
Rescue, Rescue, Rescue    
I've Got a Hole in My Boot    
Baseball Boots    
Boots' Special Day    
Dora Saves the Game    
Journey to the Purple Planet    
Boots' Cuddly Dinosaur    
The Super Silly Fiesta    
Best Friends    
ABC Animals    
Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Season 4:

Dora's Fairytale Adventure      
Daisy la Quinceniera    
The Shy Rainbow    
Swiper the Explorer    
Star Mountain    
Big Sister Dora    
Super Babies    
Catch the Babies    
Dora's Got A Puppy    
We're a Team    
Super Spies 2: The Swiping Machine    
Dora and Diego to the Rescue!          
A Crown For King Juan el Bobo    
Dora Had a Little Lamb
Mixed-Up Seasons
Dora's Dance to the Rescue    
Save Diego    
Dora's Pirate Adventures    
Dora's First Trip    
Baby Jaguar's Roar    
Boots to the Rescue    
Dora's World Adventures    
Baby Crab    
La Maestra de Musica    
Dora Saves the Mermaids    
Undercover Dora    
We're the Best Team Ever

Season 5 (which is going on right now, actually):

The Backpack Parade
Benny's Big Race    
Isa's Unicorn Flowers    
Dora's Jack-in-the-Box
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