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28th-Jul-2008 06:13 pm - Peppa Pig: The Official Episode Guide
I'm doing the episode index because I'm organized and Junta isn't. Anyhow, here's everything we've completed making fun of from the first season, complete with links to the original posts (in some instances, Junta was able to get up multiple episodes in one night, so occasionally these links may go to the same post more than once, depending on where the episodes are...). If the episode doesn't have a link yet, it means we haven't quite gotten around to that one at the moment. There are a bunch we're going to do from the DVD that Junta purchased, but the rest is up to Noggin.

    * Muddy Puddles
    * Mr Dinosaur is Lost
    * Polly Parrot
    * Best Friend
    * Hide and Seek
    * The Playgroup
    * Mummy Pig at Work
    * Camping
    * Gardening
    * Bicycles
    * The New Car
    * Snow
    * Flying a Kite
    * My Cousin Chloé
    * Daddy Loses his Glasses
    * Hiccups
    * Picnic
    * Mummy Pig's Birthday
    * Dressing Up (The first episode we ever did - we got better.)
    * The School Fete
    * Musical Instruments (the first video on the page)
    * Babysitting
    * New Shoes
    * Ballet Lesson
    * The Tooth Fairy
    * Treasure Hunt
    * Not Very Well
    * Windy Castle
    * Pancakes
    * The Museum
    * Secrets
    * Thunderstorm
    * Piggy in the Middle
    * Fancy Dress Party
    * Very Hot Day (the second video on the page)
    * Mister Skinnylegs
    * Lunch
    * The Sleepy Princess
    * The Tree House
    * Daddy Gets Fit
    * Shopping
    * Chloé's Puppet Show
    * My Birthday Party
    * The Playground
    * Tidying Up
    * Frogs and Worms and Butterflies
    * Daddy Puts Up a Picture (This episode is more commonly referred to as 'Riou Breaks The Wall.')
    * At The Beach
    * Cleaning the Car
    * Grandpa Pig's Boat
    * Daddy's Movie Camera
    * School Play
28th-Jul-2008 05:30 pm - Doooooraaaa!
Me...I guess
Since there's been a dearth of Peppa lately on Noggin, we resorted to another television show. Here's us making fun of Riou for being turned into a giant potato.

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