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dubbing over children's television
I kind of think the title explains what this is. Really...

Cast Listing, Sort Of

Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig: (Prime Minister) Junta Takase (tosei_10)
George: Kazuki Kawai (tosei_2)
Mummy Pig: Shingo Shimazaki (tosei_4)
Daddy Pig: Riou Nakazawa (tosei_18)
Grandma and Grandpa Pig (a.k.a. The Uncast Grandparents): Themselves
Peppa's Friends: Rest of Tosei (rest_of_tosei)

Dora the Explorer
Dora: (Prime Minister) Junta Takase (tosei_10)
Boots: Kazuki Kawai (tosei_2)
The Map: Shingo Shimazaki (tosei_4)
Backpack: No voice, but referred to as Fumiki Mizutani (nishiura_left)
Benny the Bull: Riou Nakazawa (tosei_18)
Diego: Yuji Motoyama (see rest_of_tosei)
Baby Jaguar/The Big Red Chicken: Masaya Matsunaga (see rest_of_tosei)
Swiper: Keisuke Yamanoi (see rest_of_tosei)
Bit parts are generally played by Jin Mashiba, Takehiko Aoki and Toshihiko Maekawa (see rest_of_tosei). For example, in the episode 'Riou the Big Potato,' Jin portrayed the Young Wizard (who ironically looked a lot like Riou, but Riou was already the potato. Too bad!).

Go Diego Go!
Diego: Yuji Motoyama (see rest_of_tosei)
Baby Jaguar/Other Animals: Masaya Matsunaga (see rest_of_tosei)
Alicia: Takehiko Aoki (see rest_of_tosei)
Rescue Pack: Toshihiko Maekawa (see rest_of_tosei)
Click: Jin Mashiba (see rest_of_tosei)
The Bobo Brothers: Shingo Shimazaki (tosei_4) and Keisuke Yamanoi (see rest_of_tosei)

Episode Indexes
Peppa Pig
Dora the Explorer
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